Monday, June 30, 2014

Making an lwip web server

Looks pretty easy:
although the nonstandard file system seems weird.

Both the lwip core and the ppp-new branch have been updated since January, so I will try to update them first. Also, I will try to use the MPW compiler flag for using Unix paths.  I had no idea this existed when I ported the code in January. Hopefully, this will make my implementation standard enough to include in the lwip contributions branch.

Also, I did some research on how I can test the web server with 128K of memory (rather than the 512K my computer was upgraded to).  It looks like I can just solder a jumper to disable one of the RAM address lines, making it 128K.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Spending Spree, part 3

Since I was never able to get the ethernet card working on my Mac SE during the last Retrochallenge, I decided I need a better way to transfer files than a serial terminal and ZModem. So, I bought an internal Zip drive on ebay. Adding it to the G4 was cheap and easy.  I am still using an old SCSI Zip drive to boot my Mac SE and my Mac SE/30. These drives are great, and I have never had any data corruption, even after long periods of storage.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Spending Spree, part 2

Earlier this year, I took a chance on buying one of these poorly documented Chinese BOLUTEK RS232 / Bluetooth modules. I followed these instructions, and to my surprise, it worked great for a basic wireless serial terminal between my G4 (with USB Bluetooth adapter) and Mac SE. Hopefully, I can use it to establish a wireless PPP link to my Macintosh 128k. First, I need to re-solder my broken RS422 to RS232 adapter, though. Wireless internet, here I come!

Oh, and the Fanny Mac arrived already. It fits and works great!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Spending Spree

Just bought a fan on eBay for the Mac. I figured that if I will be leaving it on for 24 hrs a day for a month, this is a necessary purchase. The fans for these Macs are expensive on eBay, especially the "Kensington System Saver". Fortunately, I found this "Fanny Mac" on sale.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

RetroChallenge 2014SC Intro

I won't have all of July to work on the RC 2014 SC, so I will try to keep it manageable. Building off of my RetroChallenge 2014 Winter Warmup Project, I will compile a web server for the original Macintosh 128K. I may need a few hardware upgrades (like a fan) to keep this going. In the unlikely event I have some extra time, I will get soldering on my Standalone Apple IIe Disk Emulator.