Tuesday, March 13, 2018

ElWhip is on GitHub

I uploaded my source code for ElWhip onto GitHub. Unfortunately, there are still some files that have Macintosh line endings, so some of the code can't really be viewed on GitHub unless you hit the "Raw" button. Hopefully it will inspire somebody to make a web browser for the original Macintosh. It will also make updates and additions to the code easier for me. Now that it is uploaded, it should make adding a log/status window quite a bit easier.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

RetroChallenge 2018/04 entry!

It is that time of year again, again! RetroChallenge!

My objectives, by priority:

  1. Organize my office with old computers and identify stuff to eliminate.
    • Give away/sell computers that don't fit with my retrocomputing goals.
    • Set up an imaging machine and get all of my 800K and 1.4M disks transferred to images on Zip Disks
    • Sort through 400K disks
  2. Repair some damaged Apple II+ parts.
  3. Get ElWhip source code uploaded to GitHub.
  4. Test out an ESP32 (new version of ESP8266) as an internet modem / PPP server for old Macintoshes.
  5. Test out an ESP32 as virtual serial port for Apple II.
  6. Add SmartPort compatibility into a2usbdsk.