Monday, February 23, 2015

Reviving an original Macintosh

About a decade ago, I bought an old, neglected and very yellowed original Macintosh from Craig's List for $20. Inside was a Macintosh Plus logic board, but since the back panel had not been modified, the computer would not even close correctly. The analog board worked, but I wasn't going to modify the case to fit the logic board. I have been waiting for a long time to find a 128K logic board to properly fit inside of it.

I got lucky on ebay a few weeks ago and scored a Macintosh 128K logic board with a RAM and SCSI upgrade, as well as a 800k drive and the Mac Plus bracket for the drive. It was advertised as a "Vintage CPU Design Apple Macintosh 128k to Mac Plus motherboard upgrade kit." $75, including shipping from Canada, seemed like a good deal, since I have struggled to get anybody to let go of one for less than $100.

The board arrived about week ago and had the brand "CPU Design" on it. I screwed everything together, and it booted right up. It had 2.5 MB RAM, SCSI, and newer ROMs. The old Mac finally lives!

Click the link below to see lots of photos.

Monday, February 16, 2015

ElWhip 0.07 with New Features

I added some features to the ElWhip web server, some of which are built in to lwip, and some are completely new:
  • Dynamic File Read: The server will read the file in chunks which saves memory and allows much larger files to be in downloaded.
  • Dynamic headers: The server generates the headers now and they are not required in the HTML files. This makes it easier to add images and file downloads.
  • HEAD HTTP method support: The server responds appropriately to HEAD method requests.
  • 'Gentle Quit' in 128K: The application will report an error rather than crashing when trying to quit with 128K RAM.
See the ElWhip Download Page for more details.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

RC 2015/01 Epilogue

A member of was nice enough to test out ElWhip on a real Macintosh 128K: ...and a 512K.

First time getting a REAL Macintosh 128K on the internet. So great!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

ElWhip 0.06 Download and Video Finale

ElWhip Webserver 0.06 Download now available.

RetroChallenge 2015/01 Summary:

  • Repaired video on my Macintosh
  • Compiled and modified lwIP Web server to run on Macintosh
  • Wireless logging
  • Modified Mini vMac to run virtual serial ports on PPC Mac OS X
  • Lubricated all of my old Mac disk drives
  • First web server to run on Macintosh 512K
  • First PPP connection, TCP/IP stack, and web server to run on a (virtual) Macintosh 128K

So, a ton of work, but a success, even though it could still use a little work to clean up a few things. Thirty-one years after its introduction, the original Macintosh is finally on the web! This was a great experience and I was able to learn a little too much about the Macintosh Toolbox. This was a bigger project than I expected, and it took a lot of tweaking to get everything running in 128K. Thanks for the motivation RetroChallenge!

Loading HTML files in 128K

I spent most of yesterday trying to track down a nasty bug in the lwIP http server. Most of lwIP is very well coded, and other than the CRLF problem I had, very portable and bug-free. The lwIP http server is a bit of a hodgepodge of code though. Lucky me. Anyway, the callback to release the html file resources happens before the server has sent the TCP packet. As a result, I was free()ing memory before the server was done with it which caused corruption in the HTTP headers. I decided to just keep a file buffer up all of the time instead of malloc()ing and free()ing memory as needed. This was a constraint on the size of file that can be loaded though.

I spent the rest of the night moving more PPP code into a separate code segment that I can unload once the connection is up. It worked so well, I was shocked when I saw 9K of free RAM. This easily left me 4K of RAM to load HTML files. I can even open the menus without crashing. Unfortunately, it crashes on Quit on a 128K because it needs too much RAM to bring down the interface.

So, I will get an upload ready and get a video done in the morning!