Sunday, July 6, 2014

Slow Start

Between 4th of July, World Cup, and the British Grand Prix, I haven't spent much time on my RetroChallenge project. I spent way more time reading about other people's projects than working on my own! I did manage to compile the latest lwip sources and the lwip httpserver into an application, but I haven't tested it yet. The MPW build option to use unix #include paths worked perfectly.  I wish I had know about it last time around, as it would have saved me some time.
SetDirectory "{MPW}Maclwip2:lwip-contrib-ppp-new:ports:mac:"; BuildProgram ElWhip # 2:50:02 PM ----- Build of ElWhip. # 2:50:02 PM ----- Analyzing dependencies. # 2:50:02 PM ----- Executing build commands.   SC [...]   Link -o ElWhip [...] ## Link: Warning: File was not needed for link: (Error 52) :::apps:httpserver_raw:fsdata.c.t.o   Rez -rd -o ElWhip ElWhip.r -append   DeRez "Mac OS 9:MPW:Libraries:Libraries:SERD" -only SERD   Rez -o ElWhip -append # 2:51:51 PM ----- Done. ElWhip The warning about the file not needed for link is troubling because that is where the html for the web server is stored. I will test it all out tonight.

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