Tuesday, April 24, 2018

PPP server on ESP32

I spent some time working on my Wimos Lolin ESP32 this weekend. I recently wrote up a simple how-to about the ESP32 device on my other blog. Since I am pretty familiar with lwIP and PPP based on my work on the Macintosh 128k webserver, I also previously contributed a small amount of code to enable the PPP server in the lwip network stack that the ESP32 uses. But, without an interface to access the PPP server code, it was useless. So, I decided to integrate access to the PPP server into the ESP32's standard AT command interpreter. With a small amount of code, I think I have it working! My MacBook can connect to itself using PPP now. I need to get one of my classic macs set up to further test the connection. I should get code posted in the next few days.


Source and instructions are now on github!

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