Sunday, July 21, 2019

CMS 9619 SBC Power and Serial Ports


I don't have a proper card cage for a micromodule system, and clipping power leads to the card edge seemed a little sketchy, so I created a power supply connection to the CMS SBC board using:

  • CMS 9630 EXTENDER board (came with the 9619)
  • ATX power supply (had it in my parts bin)
  • ATX breakout board ($5-10 on ebay)
  • wires, test clips, and terminals (~$5 from my local surplus store)

After everything is connected up, here it what it looks like:
ATX breakout, extender board, and CMS 9619 SBC

This is probably overkill as the only thing that uses the ±12V are the RS232 transceivers which would probably run fine with ±5V

Serial Ports

After struggling with how to get standard DB9 serial ports from the randomly placed signals in the CMS SBC's 26 pin header, I decided to build a small breakout board ("BOB") to handle the conversion. It has: 26 pin IDC -> BOB -> dual DB9 IDC connectors. Then I did all of the wiring re-organization on the BOB with some point-to-point soldering. 26 pin P2 to DB9 adapter board

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