Wednesday, June 16, 2021

CMS 9619 Address Decoder Replacement

In my previous post on the MIKUL 6218 board, I mentioned that was using the lower 32K of address space on the CMS 9619 to swap in 16 banks of external RAM. You may remember that I had previously made some minor modifications on the CMS 9619 to use this space for an on-board 32K SRAM chip and still use the external I/O. What is happening here? Well, I had to remove all of my wire modifications to the CMS 9619, and restore it to the standard arrangement. With my new GAL programmer in hand, I figured out the logic equations to replicate the CMS 9619's U12 address decoder. I made an adjustment to how the U20 ROM/RAM socket and bus tranceiver are addressed so that I can have one GAL to have all 64K on-board and another for the standard external 32K. Now I can just swap out the GAL ICs to change the arrangement!

GAL and ROM options

There is still a small glitch in UTIL_DECODE that I have to resolve (I think this is why CMS orginally used XOR logic PAL20L10 rather than the more common NAND logic PAL20V10), but everything seems to work great.

If you need a replacement decoder for your CMS 9619, or just want to make some modifications to the memory map, this is the way to do it!

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