Tuesday, December 16, 2014

RetroChallenge preparation

I recovered from the hard drive crash pretty well. I was able to make a disk image of the slowly dying drive, which I restored onto a newer drive. Fortunately, it retained all of my licensing information for the Adobe Creative Suite I have installed. I don't think the Adobe CS2 registration servers work anymore, so that would have been a real pain.

The Dual processor PowerMac G4 with Mac OS X Tiger is a real joy to work on, even though it is now 15 years old. The user interface is far more appealing than OS X Yosemite, and compiling programs proved quite snappy. The Mac OS 9 compatibility mode is nearly flawless. Plus, parts are dirt cheap for the old G3 and G4 towers.

On that note, I just received a new (to me) Belkin F5U220 USB 2.0 card to replace the old USB 1.0 card which temporarily replaced the OrangeMicro USB Firewire card that would crash on wake with the G4. It works great, and only $10.

No more excuses to not backup my drives!

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