Monday, February 23, 2015

Reviving an original Macintosh

About a decade ago, I bought an old, neglected and very yellowed original Macintosh from Craig's List for $20. Inside was a Macintosh Plus logic board, but since the back panel had not been modified, the computer would not even close correctly. The analog board worked, but I wasn't going to modify the case to fit the logic board. I have been waiting for a long time to find a 128K logic board to properly fit inside of it.

I got lucky on ebay a few weeks ago and scored a Macintosh 128K logic board with a RAM and SCSI upgrade, as well as a 800k drive and the Mac Plus bracket for the drive. It was advertised as a "Vintage CPU Design Apple Macintosh 128k to Mac Plus motherboard upgrade kit." $75, including shipping from Canada, seemed like a good deal, since I have struggled to get anybody to let go of one for less than $100.

The board arrived about week ago and had the brand "CPU Design" on it. I screwed everything together, and it booted right up. It had 2.5 MB RAM, SCSI, and newer ROMs. The old Mac finally lives!

Click the link below to see lots of photos.

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