Sunday, February 1, 2015

ElWhip 0.06 Download and Video Finale

ElWhip Webserver 0.06 Download now available.

RetroChallenge 2015/01 Summary:

  • Repaired video on my Macintosh
  • Compiled and modified lwIP Web server to run on Macintosh
  • Wireless logging
  • Modified Mini vMac to run virtual serial ports on PPC Mac OS X
  • Lubricated all of my old Mac disk drives
  • First web server to run on Macintosh 512K
  • First PPP connection, TCP/IP stack, and web server to run on a (virtual) Macintosh 128K

So, a ton of work, but a success, even though it could still use a little work to clean up a few things. Thirty-one years after its introduction, the original Macintosh is finally on the web! This was a great experience and I was able to learn a little too much about the Macintosh Toolbox. This was a bigger project than I expected, and it took a lot of tweaking to get everything running in 128K. Thanks for the motivation RetroChallenge!

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