Monday, February 1, 2016

Final RC2016/01 Thoughts

After some testing, I figured out that the reason I have to run everything at 300 baud has more to do with the screen redraw and processing speed of the Apple //e than the serial card. It's interesting that the Apple SSC manual derisively mentions that "Some printers are slow and do not provide a printer busy, or handshake signal to the Apple II." It provides a setting to delay after a Carriage Return for the printer to move back across the page. This is very similar to what is happening to the Apple //e which loses the first few characters after a line feedscreen scroll. I am sure there is an address on the SSC that can temporarily lower CTS to tell the remote system to wait until the redraw is complete. Anyway, there is plenty of work for a future RetroChallenge. BTW, the server is back up and running again, as it was down for testing most of the day. If you can't access it try later, as I am probably using the Apple //e for something else!

In the mean time, I have a slow server and a new way to communicate with the Apple //e. I also have a nice color monitor, and I have a little more insight into Steve Jobs. Finally, I have a few more project ideas (KIM-//e, more Apple on the web stuff) for future retro challenges. RC2016/01 complete!

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