Sunday, January 31, 2016

Truly Wireless Now

In a quest to make my Apple //e truly wireless, I did some soldering this morning to create a cable to go directly from the Apple Super Serial Card to the USR-WIFI232. This allowed me to get rid of the bulky DB-25->DB-9 adapter, and a short DB-9 cable to go from the adapter to the USR-WIFI232 (see photos).  Then, I used double-stick tape to mount the USR-WIFI232 on top of the Apple //e power supply. The Apple //e already has a pop-out that fits the antenna and power supply cord fairly well. The result is an internal WIFI adapter! I suppose I could get the power for the adapter from the Apple power supply, but I'd rather not run the risk.

I really like this set-up as connecting to the Apple over serial cables always meant finding the right cables and adapters, or a null modem. They would inevitably get unplugged for another project or to move the computer.

There is a lot of potential for this configuration for transferring disk images with ADTPro. I have to use 300 baud for the Apple BASIC interpreter to keep up, but it looks like higher baud rates will work in the terminal mode of the SSC, or with a compiled program. Come to think of it, you could even have a web page on the Apple //e that accepted disk image uploads.

This is a simple, and inexpensive ($40 on ebay) alternative to some of the other Apple Ethernet products out there. Some people have done similar things with a Raspberry Pi, but, again, this is pretty much plug and play and includes WIFI.

Having made two web servers out of old Apples, I am finding that it would be a lot more interesting to make a web browser. That will probably be a future project.

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