Saturday, October 7, 2017

A2BP .011

Minor update. It is pretty cool to watch this thing run from a clean install. Lots of scrolling text!
  • adds help, clean
  • sets apple2 as the default system for cc65 samples
  • more variables
make is very picky about white spaces. If you copy from browser, it may convert the tabs to multiple spaces. I will set up a download link, once I am happy with everything. # # Makefile # A2BP .011 # # This downloads and installs the pieces for the A2BP # toolchain, build pipeline, and deployment pipeline # for the Apple II on OSX. # # Created by Eric Pooch on 10/05/17. # # # Usage: # make all # sudo make install # PGM=a2bp help : $(info Instructions: Place makefile in a folder with no spaces in path.) $(info then type:) $(info make all) $(info [packages will be downloaded, expanded, and compiled]) $(info sudo make install) $(info [packages will be installed, overwriting existing]) $(PGM) : cc65 dskalyzer USB_AII_Disk_Emulator install-$(PGM) : cc65 dskalyzer USB_AII_Disk_Emulator make --directory=cc65 install MAKE="make PREFIX=/usr/local SYS=apple2" ditto dskalyzer /usr/local/bin/ ditto USB_AII_Disk_Emulator/AII-SPI-DSK /usr/local/bin/ USB_AII_Disk_Emulator.tgz : curl -L -O USB_AII_Disk_Emulator : USB_AII_Disk_Emulator.tgz tar zxvf USB_AII_Disk_Emulator.tgz : curl -L -O dskalyzer : tar zxvf # dskalyzer is older than the archive, so update touch dskalyzer cc65 : git clone make all --directory=cc65 all: $(PGM) install: install-$(PGM) clean: rm -rf cc65 rm -f rm -f dskalyzer rm -f LICENSE rm -f *md rm -f USB_AII_Disk_Emulator.tgz rm -rf USB_AII_Disk_Emulator So, now that I built my build/deployment environment. It's time to write a program!

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