Saturday, October 7, 2017

Trying Existing Virtual Build Pipeline

To get started building an Apple II program, I used some existing resources to make sure my installation of cc65 compiler is configured correctly. Two resources: The BLONDIEHACKS web site conveniently provides an example Apple II build Xcode project to start from. Unfortunately, I had some build errors. The solution is to edit the example's Makefile to specify cc65 assembly configuration: @PATH=$(PATH):/usr/local/bin; $(CL65) -t apple2enh -C apple2enh-asm.cfg -l$(PGM).lst --start-addr $(ADDR) $(PGM).s

Yay! Seizure inducing flashing X's in Virtual II Apple II emulator (the example code is really supposed to do that).

So, the example build process now works with an emulator. Now to incorporate DSKalyzer and a real Apple II.

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