Sunday, January 20, 2013

First Disk Image Read

I did it! I got a disk image to read on the Apple IIe! I had to make a few more changes to reduce the latency between sector transfers to an acceptable level for the Apple IIe:
  • Disabled almost all of my logging
  • Disabled excessive libmpsse purge buffer commands (purge rx buffer, purge tx buffer, then purge both buffers)
  • Skipped the 74LS259 addressable latch
  • Changed out a possibly bad 74LS00 ic pulled from an old Apple II+

I can use the Bag of Tricks program to assist with further speed-ups. Now, on to fixing up the mess of code I created trying to get this to work. I haven't even started on writing to a disk image yet. I will get a video up ASAP, but I dropped and broke my camera getting this screenshot.


  1. Awesome! hope your camera is ok, and kudos on the great accomplishments!