Tuesday, January 1, 2013

First IIe Challenge Completed!

For the first day of the Retrochallenge, I tackled what appeared to be the easiest project: getting my latest purchase, an Apple IIe Platinum, up and running. With the help of my air compressor and a clean paint brush, I managed to get all of the dust out of it. I booted 'er up and was greeted with Apple //e at the top of the screen! However, Control-Reset was not giving me an Applesoft BASIC prompt. I pulled the floppy disk controller card, rebooted and got a prompt, but I still couldn't reset the computer. I narrowed the problem down to a bad Reset key which looked bent out of whack to begin with. Some continuity testing showed that the key was not making contact. So: disassemble computer, de-solder, disassemble key, straighten the bent contacts until the key works, re-assemble key, solder it in, re-assemble computer. I replaced about five missing screws on the keyboard too. It looks like a previous owner tried to fix it and left the screws out. This was putting stress on the solder joints of the keys. I also managed to dig up a platinum Apple Mouse to match the computer and connect to the Mouse Interface card. Anyway, she works! Success on the first day!? Maybe I should stop while I am ahead...

de-soldered reset keyre-soldered reset key
Key removed - note missing screw for brass standoffKey soldered in with new screws
development techclean Apple IIe platinum
No more dust- much better!Target Environment:

Apple IIe, solderless breadboard, Disk Interface card,

FTDI UM232H or Arduino Nano?, 74LS series ICs

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