Friday, January 22, 2016

Watched Steve Jobs (movie)

I watched Steve Jobs, the movie tonight. It was pretty good. It focused on 3 big product launches, with everyone coming to Steve Jobs to wish him luck, reminisce, etc. It portrayed Steve Job's growth as a visionary / CEO (and human being) through large leaps in time, which made the changes all the more pronounced. The acting was quite good, especially from Kate Winslet (who I didn't even recognize at first). Seth Rogan made a more likable Steve Wozniak than the actor in Jobs. The exploration of Steve Job's relationship with John Sculley was much more interesting than the portrayal in Jobs too.

The acting really carried this movie. Not much focus on Apple technology or period settings. This movie could easily be a live play with its very few scene changes, focus on the actors, and 3 act structure. Anyway, not a movie for tech junkies, but very well acted and directed.

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