Thursday, October 13, 2016

Apple IIGS Repairs

Here are the fruits of my labor for the past two weeks. I had already attempted to repair this Apple IIGS Upgrade board, after a battery explosion did a lot of damage to the board and chassis. However, I wasn't really satisfied with how it was working out. I purchased some copper tape, and I am impressed at the way it worked to replace the traces. Much flatter and smoother, like it should be. A couple of resistors replaced and I tinned it all. Then, a lot of continuity testing. I bought some UV cure solder mask and after some time in the sunshine and under a UV light, it looks pretty good. Not perfect, but considering the terrible damage inflicted on this board, I am impressed!
Trace repairs and new SMT resistors in R193 and R14 locations.

Trace repairs and new battery holder.

Copper Tape, UV cure Solder Mask, and a weird spatula thing.

The Hakko soldering iron definitely made this possible. I am afraid to hook up the power supply though...

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