Monday, March 11, 2019

Adapter Armageddon

I finished soldering up my adapter board this weekend and cut off 2 unused rows to save space, but quickly realized that I need to make some changes. The SuperProto card routes the 6522's positive chip enable (CE) signal directly to VCC to always keep it active. I need to fix this because this signal needs to be controlled by my own logic. The negative chip enable (CE) is connected to DEV_SEL on the Apple II bus. This also has to be fixed as it will be connected to the Kim-1's K5 signal from the address decoder. I didn't handle these properly in the adapter and just connected them to the corresponding signal from the SuperProto card. I can either cut the lines on the card, or change the adapter card. I modified the adapter card and updated the diagram.

I also spent some time soldering in sockets for the ICs and connecting the address lines to the decoder ICs. I am running a lot more wires than I expected!

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