Sunday, March 3, 2019

Keypad Chaos

Since I didn't think I would have time to build the keypad or display, obviously I had to spend the weekend making a keypad. The SuperProto card I ordered from the Russian Federation hadn't arrived by Friday, so I thought this would be an easy start to the month. The layout is a bit strange (3x7 matrix, arranged as 4x5, plus the RS and ST keys) , so a normal keypad matrix won't work. I used the newer Kim-1 key layout with the SST switch on the left, and retained the same header pinout, so it should theoretically plug right into a KIM-1.

Of course, it took forever to route all of the wires by trial and error. Anyway, it's done (other than the step buttons), and it seems like it will work... but I need to get some decals so I know what key I am typing!

...and the SuperProto card finally arrived this weekend, just in time!

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