Thursday, July 4, 2013

4th of July with the TS1000


Very close to 200 years after the end of the American Revolutionary War, the American Timex Corporation and the British company Sinclair Research came together to introduce the Timex Sinclair 1000 to America. Finally, the British had brought us affordable computer technology rather than exorbitant taxes on tea.

I spent some time today updating my blog and programming on the TS1000. I am still getting used to the membrane keyboard. It is hard to touch-type without any feedback. Although I like only having to hit one key for a BASIC command, I seem to usually end up spelling out the command anyway, then having to delete my extra typing. It can be a little hard to find some of the commands the first time also.

My biggest problem is figuring out how to save my programs. I have the MIC jack of the TS1000 hooked up to my laptop, but I just hear a "soft, humming buzz", not the "very harsh, high pitched buzz" I should expect. While the humming is certainly more pleasant sounding than the alternative, I am pretty sure there is no data in there. I haven't fixed that ground strap yet, besides taping it in place, so maybe that is part of the issue.

I think I may write a Mine Sweeper type game for this little guy. It would lend itself well to text and simple BASIC programming.

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