Thursday, July 18, 2013

Success SAVEing & LOADing

I bought the adapter I needed to convert from the mono headphone jack on the TS1000 to the RCA/phono jack on my iGrabber USB audio/video capture device, and then I promptly lost it before I could get it home. I borrowed another one and was finally able to get everything hooked up to my satisfaction. After a lot of experimentation I figured out a setup that gave me reliable results on my MacBook Air. I used Audacity to record and playback the audio clips.

  1. On the TS1000, input SAVE "X"
  2. In Audacity, record with the "Input Volume" at 1.0 (max)
  3. Select the clip and use the "Amplify" effect with a setting of 40dB. This gives a "New Peak Amplitude" of about -10.8 dB. (How can you have negative dB?)
  4. On the TS1000, input LOAD "X"
  5. Back in Audacity, play back at 1.0 "Output Volume" (max) and full system volume.
You can get a pretty good idea of when the TS1000 is LOADing the data by when the video changes. However, using the full 50dB Amplify Effect caused the TS1000 to appear to LOAD without error, but no data was actually there when I pressed LIST. That could have been a SAVE error though.

Finally I can start writing an actual program!

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