Saturday, July 20, 2013


My BAM minesweeper menu system is now fully functional. Ugh, I should be done with the whole program by now. Keyboard entry on the TS1000 BASIC editor is incredibly slow. I am used to the membrane keyboard now, but you still have to wait for the screen to refresh before entering a new character, even in fast mode. Also, the editor is acting funny lately and not allowing me to EDIT existing lines. Maybe I am having memory issues?

SAVEing and LOADing is working extremely well with Audacity. I have set up a sort of version control with the audio clips. Audacity lets you mute and minimize clips as you go, and save many clips in the same project. So, I can keep all of my old saves in one project, and still play and record just the latest audio clip.

Finally, I ordered the SRAM chip I need to upgrade the RAM on the TS1000. That should be a fun project, if it arrives in time.

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