Friday, July 19, 2013

BASIC Programming TS1000 Style

I've picked a name for my Minesweeper program: "**BAM**" (British American Minesweeper). This is a nod to the British/American collaboration that is the Timex/Sinclair 1000, the British/American nature of my American entry into the British organized Retrochallenge, and the British American Minesweepers of WWII, known as BAMs. And of course, when you hit a mine it goes "BAM!" Well, maybe not on the TS1000, because it doesn't have a speaker. The screenshot shows my menu system up and running.

I'm getting the hang of programming on the TS1000. Progress is SLOW. A few tips I have learned:

  • Enter the FAST command to greatly speed up screen refresh during BASIC program editing. Also, the resulting screen flash during redraw gives some feedback as to whether the computer received the key you are typing.
  • Use the LIST command with a line number to jump to that line and scroll the editor there.
  • If the program is no longer outputting text, it is probably because you spelled out "AT" or some other keyword, rather than using the correct key.

I really hope game play is faster than BASIC program editing.

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