Friday, January 9, 2015

Debugging the Debugging

I have been working on a way to get the proper debug logs out of ElWhip without using the modal dialog boxes which cause the program to stall until a user presses the 'OK' button. I have decided to just dump the logging output through the printer port, since I already have serial port code for ppp and the modem port. Unfortunately, that means I would need another serial connection between the Macintoshes. But, feeling inspired by another Retrochallenge project, I set up a bluetooth rs232 adapter for a wireless connection. I initially had a problem where bringing up the serial connection to the printer port would bring down the connection to the modem port, but I worked through a couple of bugs to get it working.

This should make it much easier to troubleshoot some of the intermittent problems I have had establishing the ppp connection and retrieving the web page.

 Wireless Logging with Bolutek RS232 - Bluetooth Adapter 

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