Saturday, January 3, 2015

Web Serving! - barely

I can serve a web page from the Macintosh SE! There was a problem where lwIP does not seem to be detecting the first CRLF (Character Return + Line Feed) required by the HTTP spec. So, when I used Telnet, I had to hit return 3 times before the HTML appeared. Web browsers will only send 2 CRLFs, then wait. I ended up deleting one of the checks for a CRLF from the code, and it worked! However, that doesn't explain why it isn't detecting the first CRLF. I think it could losing the last character of the buffer (LF) or something.

The process of dealing with this made me realize I can't keep overlooking a few problems I have seen:

  • Getting PPP to connect is too timing-sensitive and flakey
  • I can't always get the web browser to connect
  • PPP is a memory hog
  • I need to actually fix all of the "FIX ME"s I have been inserting into the code
  • I need a better logging / debugging system
Some of these problems are related. I need a good debugging system system before I can fix any of them. Enabling debugging currently causes a bunch of modal dialog boxes to appear. This causes further timing problems and does not allow logging for analysis.

Once I get some of these issues sorted out, I will test it out in 128K and make a download available.

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