Sunday, January 4, 2015

Uptime On Old Time Macs

Too many chores to do today, so I just let the web server run on the Macintosh SE, checking to see how stable it is. Running ping -i 60 | cat -n from the Mac OS X terminal pings every minute and lets me know how many minutes the TCP/IP stack stays up. It started losing pings around 65 minutes and eventually timed out altogether. This seemed to correspond with the After Dark screensaver on the Mac SE. I turned off the screen saver (and turned down the brightness knob), and the server ran for 174 minutes before I turned it off. There were with no dropped pings and it was still serving the web page when I stopped it.

After that, I ran the web server on the original Macintosh (still with 512K RAM), and had similar success. As far as I know, this is the first Macintosh web server with 64K ROMs or 512K RAM, ever! Certainly the first on System 2.0 and Finder 1.1g.

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