Monday, January 5, 2015

Virtual Distractions

I had a major distraction last night that kept me up way too late. One of the major limitations of the Classic Macintosh emulator Mini vMac is the lack of serial port realization (is that the right word?). There is a hack at that includes a virtual tty connection from Mini vMac. The code is for an older version of Mini vMac and has a few bugs that prevent it from working on Mac OS X. This would be a perfect testing platform for ElWhip, if I could get the serial ports working. A lot of troubleshooting got me to here:

Mac Terminal in Mini vMac with tty to host computer

Unfortunately, it won't drain the incoming data until I press a key, so it is often displaying the input a little bit behind the output (eg: you have to start typing the username before the prompt appears). I think it needs a polled function to check for available data. I don't think it will work with ppp as-is. Hopefully, I can figure it out tonight.

Update: That was easy, I re-implemented an unused SCC_Update() function in the main run loop and it works great! Now to test ElWhip on it!

Update: Mind blown:

Elwhip running in Mini vMac with ppp connection to host
No web page though. Going to bed before I create some sort of causality loop. On that note, weirdest thing about Mini vMac: its build environment is a Mac 68k application that runs within Mini vMac.

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