Saturday, January 24, 2015

Macintosh 128K 404 Error Server!

I have been spending a few hours after work slowly trying to conserve memory here and there by delineating parts of the code so that the open and close portions of PPP are in a separate code segment. My thought was I could unload that segment once PPP is up and then load in the HTTP server into the freed memory. This is not working as planned. However, I tried removing most of the HTML pages and the image imbedded in the HTTP server, to see if I was even close on memory usage. I was able to get it serving just a 404 Error HTML Page running in a virtual Mini vMac 128K Macintosh, with just 1K of memory to spare:
404 Error page from virtual Mac 128K. Note Free Memory!
Even opening a menu causes a crash.

Memory is so tight that even opening a menu causes it to crash with a 'Memory Full' error code. However, this gives me hope for 2 things:

  • If I load the HTML files from disk, as needed, I could probably save some memory.
  • Segmenting out some more functions could give me enough free RAM to really get this running.
I will leave it running overnight if people want to try it: virtual Mac 128k 404 Error server. I still need to do some hardware modifications to get my original Macintosh back to 128K RAM. I hope I am getting close...

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